Where Can I Find Ethical Clothing Online?

Posted on 31 May 2019 by Anna Scott
When talking about any ethical product, it’s important we explain what we mean by ‘ethical’. The word in itself doesn’t have any accreditation so if you see it used by companies and retailers, it’s worth investigating how they back up their claims. There are many associations offering certification and accreditation to those who meet their standards (the most well-known probably being Fair Trade), but there are also lots of other definitions to consider as well. By ‘ethical’ do they mean they source their materials responsibly? And do they work with factories that have good conditions and pay fairly? As a company, do they adopt environmentally aware practices? Do they consider sustainability throughout the entire production process, right up until the clothes reach your door? See, it’s not as straightforward as you might think!
To makes things just a little bit clearer for you, we’re highlighting two online retailers that are adopting ethical practices when it comes to selling us fashion. Shopping with a company that takes a comprehensive look at their sustainable and ethical practices means it’s much easier for customers to know where all their clothes come from and the impact they’re having on the environment. So, in a way, we’re saving you time as well as money. And imparting a bit of helpful knowledge along the way!


Ethical Superstore

The clue is most certainly in the name. Yes, this site has made happy ethical shopping it’s mission. And as their title suggests, the range isn’t just limited to clothing (although that’s what we’re focusing on today). On their site they go into great detail on exactly how they source all their products and what they take into account (whether they’re fair trade, organic, locally produced etc). You can shop by the type of accreditation a product has if this is a priority for you and these categories include certified cruelty free, vegan, fair trade and organic. They also take into account products and companies that support charities by donating a percentage of the sale price to good causes.
So, what sort of ethical clothing is available? Their site partners with ethical labels such as Patagonia, Thought, Nomads and Komodo to curate a gorgeous range of casuals. You can find out detailed info about each brand as well as each garment when you click on an item. For example, it’s easy to discover a raincoat from Thought is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles and made in a factory which adheres to their high standards. One of the great things about their site is that all this information is accessible – there’s no delving through Google searches yourself to bring up details of each label. Plus, you can also order lots of other homeware, beauty and household products at the same time. Using our promo codes for Ethical Superstore also has other advantages – here you can access additional savings to use on their site before you visit, meaning you get the absolute best price on their products.


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People Tree

Rather than a comprehensive site, this is an ethical clothing label that is currently making waves in the UK. This is because as well as adhering to the highest ethical standards in their production process, they also make style and affordability their priority. They source their materials responsibly, using tradition artisan methods and environmentally friendly fabrics, and they were the first fashion business to be given the sought-after World Fair Trade Organisation label.
Many people would think that shopping for ethical clothing means having to somehow compromise on style and price. But why can’t we have all these things at the same time? Well, when you buy online with our promo codes for People Tree, you certainly can. Let’s look at their fashion credentials for starters. A fantastic example is their collaboration with the V&A Museum. They’ve created a range of garments in unique prints inspired by V&A collections that includes simply gorgeous maxi and midi dresses. This company also thinks outside the box when it comes to their extensive range of fitnesswear. You wouldn’t necessarily think gym clothing and ethical shopping go together, but they know this is what the people want, and they’ve certainly delivered! And finally, price. Using our codes means you get easy access to their online sale reductions as well as extra savings such as first order discounts, student discounts and free delivery.
If you’re interested in even more ethical shopping tips, you can also discover the best places to order cruelty-free make up online right here. And on Promo Codes For, we’ve always got savings available for big high street hitters that are committed to improving their ethical credentials including Marks and Spencer and John Lewis. But as more and more shoppers make ethical and environmental standards their priority, we’re hoping this list of companies will get longer in the future.