Shopping Online for Unusual Mother’s Day Gifts

Posted on 15 Feb 2017 by Anna Scott
If you want to give your mum something a bit different this Mother’s Day, as well as making sure she doesn’t have to lift a finger, why not try something a bit more unusual? All mums really want to do on Mothering Sunday is put their feet up (as well as get taken out for a slap-up meal too of course) and even though chocolates are ALWAYS appreciated, perhaps this is the year to think outside the box a bit.

The online world contains plenty of inspiration for unusual Mother’s Day gift ideas if you’re stuck, so we’ve collated a few of our own to add to the list…


A Heartfelt Poem

Now, you can order a specially written Mother’s Day poem online complete with frame, but if you’re thinking poetry and have a creative mind yourself, why not, you know, write your own? This is a billion times more special than giving he same piece of verse as everyone else, and you can have it printed and framed to match your Mum’s home interior to a tee.


Pencil and paper


A Mother’s Day Poster

We don’t tend to associate mothers with large posters, but no one is too old for a wall hanging that makes an impact. Of course, this could be anything you want it to be – your Mum’s favourite movie, a classic vintage design or maybe just a life-sized photo of her favourite heartthrob. If you want to go down this route but still need a bit of inspiration, then Zazzle have a special offer available right now that saves you 20% on selected poster designs including some great mum-themed ones.


Zazzle Mother's Day poster

A Colouring Book

Again, not an obvious choice for Mother’s Day (that is the point of this post after all), but adult colouring books are said to reduce stress and provide a bit of much-needed relaxation, and you can’t get more Mother’s Day than that, right? Whatever cultural benchmark your mum prefers, there’s bound to be a colouring book on it, so whether she likes a bit of Sherlock or some sci-fi, gift her the right book and some coloured pencils and she’ll be sorted.


Colouring pencils


Some Outdoor Fun

These days you can buy a gift package or experience day for literally anything, so if your mum is the outdoorsy or adventurous type, see if you can find her an activity she hasn’t done yet, but could well be on her bucket list. Think hot air ballooning, paintball, supercar driving or even an army skills course. And if your mum isn’t the outdoors type, well perhaps you want to get her one of these to take her out of her comfort zone, and if you need some more ideas, check out our selection of current experience day savings.


Hot air balloons


Her Ladyship Title

Gift packages don’t have to be about physical activity, and one of the more unusual ones you can now order is a landed gentry title. Yes, that’s right – you could make your mother an actual Lady. Unfortunately these don’t come complete with castle or stately home, but it’s the thought that counts.


Stately home


So if you want to make this Mother’s Day one to remember, check a few of these items off the list – do all the housework, take her out to lunch, and send her up in a hot air balloon. Or similar.