The Beginners Guide to Shopping for a Sports Mad Lad

Posted on 10 Sep 2019 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton
Whether its football shirts for their favourite team or rugby shoes for their next big game, finding the perfect gift for the sports lad (or lady) in your life is easier said than done. There are so many options (and so many sports!) to choose from, that it can be hard to know where to start. Whether you are shopping for your son, nephew, girlfriend or wife; how do you find the best sportswear or sports gifts if you don’t know what your looking for?! Well, with our money saving promo codes, you can find top sportswear brands, tickets to the latest sports events and everyday athletic essentials at bargain prices. Find the best athletic gifts without spending a fortune when you use our beginners gift guide and infographic below.





Get Best-Selling Football Boots at Bargain Prices 

From Puma to New Balance, there are a huge variety of sports brands which are made to support athletic endeavours. But how do you know which ones to go for? Well, there are a range of key features to look for when debating which trainers, boots or shoes to get;


Shop for Your Sport

 The first Tip might seem obvious, but many people aren’t aware of the importance of using the correct shoes for the sport you are playing. For example, shoes tend to be grouped into subsets such as running, training and walking, as these activities put pressure of different parts of your feet. It’s recommended to go to a local sports store to get advice on which shoes and brands cater for the sport you are looking for – then you can come home with your newly acquired knowledge and get money off the best brands with our discounts. 


Explore the Reviews

One of the main ways to ensure you get top quality shoes, is by checking out the online reviews. Trustpilot and Feefo have reviews from thousands of customers, for a variety of shops and online stores, so you can see where’s best to buy your sporty gift. As well as shop reviews, you can find reviews on different brands to find the one with the best reputation for the sport your shopping for.


Find Breathable Boots

 One of the key features to look for in sports footwear is lightweight, breathable material. Most people consider sturdy and durable shoes to be made of hard material which isn’t often lightweight, however there are sports shoes with mesh coverings and a thick cushioned sole which allows for support as well as comfort. 


Get the Right Size

Finding the right size for a sports shoe isn’t always the same as it is for an everyday shoe. In fact, most running experts recommend that for activities, you wear one size larger than needed as feet tend to expand slightly as they get hotter and sweat during exercise.


Grab the Best Sporty Gifts for Less

If you know someone who is a big fan of something, whether it be tennis, technology or the terminator; the tricky thing is finding something that they already have. But what do you get the sports fan who already has everything? If your athletic acquaintance is already equipped with the latest tennis shoes, football jersey or rugby boots, then don’t worry; there are still plenty of options when it comes to what to buy them. Some of the most popular gifts include; sticker books and sports annuals, keepsakes such as signed balls and photos or small versions of their favourite sports games. 

Although it might seem like an unlikely place to shop for sport, TK Maxx is full of a variety of gifts and clothing for people of all hobbies and interests. Using our promo codes for TK Maxx, you can explore a variety of essential sports accessories which can be incredibly pricey elsewhere! As they offer top brands at low prices, you can also find brands such as Zanier, Alpina and Gore Bike Wear for less. Find cycling gloves, sports back braces, water bottles and gym bags with up to a huge 80% off, as well as the latest fitness technology such as sports watches. Plus, if you add our money off codes on top then you can get even more money off the smaller sports essentials that every athlete needs. 



Tickets To the Next Big Game

One of the most exciting gifts you can give anyone is an experience they will always remember. For a sports fan, whether they are 8 years old or 80, going to see their favourite team play can be one of the memories they will treasure forever. Whether it’s a local match, the Premier League or the Wold Cup, there are a variety of sporting events that your friend will no doubt love to go to! You can explore sites such as Ticketmaster or Stubhub and find affordable tickets to the major sporting events of the year and make a day of it with optional extras such as giftbags and meals. Find the hottest tickets to the latest football, rugby, motorsports and cricket events, both in the UK and further afield; with places such as Thomas Cook offering bargain holiday deals complete with low cost hotels and dinner packages. If you don’t know your NFL from your NBA however, and just can’t decide which event your loved one would enjoy, then you can always visit the helpful Ticketmaster sporting events guides


Find the Perfect Everyday Sportswear

If your sporty son, footie mad dad or baseball crazy boyfriend prefers to get in the game and play rather than watching from the side-lines, then top sportswear is the perfect gift. Find fab football kits in his favourite team colours and get expert quality footwear which won’t wear out no matter how long he’s on the field. Adidas is the perfect place to find just what your looking for and more, with their collection of top-quality sportswear as well as high end sports fashion for the everyday athlete. With our promo codes for Adidas, you can find top quality shoes and sportswear at bargain prices! This household name is well known for a reason and has become one of most loved fashion and sportswear brands worldwide. With our money off codes and offers however, you can grab the bestselling fashions at allow prices; whether it’s 66% off back to school sports trainers or a bundle deal on a complete sports kit. Explore the latest deals and treat your sports superstar to a pair of high-end sneakers for every day, top quality football shoes to help with expert performance and everything inbetween from under armour to stylish sports jackets.


How Bundle Buys can Help You Save Money Online

One of the best money saving tips our experts have found when exploring the world of sports shopping, is to take advantage of bundle buying options. This is especially true when you want to get a complete kit including pricey equipment. Using our promo codes for Sports Direct, you can explore the variety of sports kits for all ages, including bundle offers for hockey, football, rugby, cricket and more. Get top quality equipment whether it’s a weekend gym kit or for the school footie team, well as clothing to keep our loved one active from their first game throughout their sports career!