5 of the Best Subscription Gifts

Posted on 10 Aug 2021 by Julian House

If you’re stuck for gift ideas this year or just can’t quite bring yourself to hit the shops on birthdays, anniversaries and festive celebrations, digital gifts are the answer.

We’re not just talking about some run of the mill Amazon voucher here; however useful they may be. In 2021 there’s a wealth of digital gifts that you can find for friends and loved ones, regardless of what their interests and hobbies are. 

Whether you know someone with green fingers, a fascination with the latest must-have gadgets, or someone who needs time alone with a good book, there’s a subscription box you can treat them to. On the other hand, if subscriptions to digital content are more their thing, a gift voucher for the world’s leading gaming content platform will be right up their street.  

No matter who you’re shopping for this year, or if you just fancy treating yourself to some brand new experiences, here are the top 5 best subscription gifts on offer.  

Gadget Discovery Club Subscription Box 

Subscription boxes may be a relatively new affair, but they’ve taken off like wildfire. The Gadget Discovery Box is a more innovative take on the typical monthly subscription box that promises to deliver “the latest and greatest gadgets” every three months. 

Subscriptions start at £22.99 and for that, the recipient will receive up to four gadgets worth over £100.00. While you won’t be able to control the specific gadgets received in the box, the company promises to deliver state of the art tech across areas like wearables, music and smartphone tech and smart home devices.  

Twitch Subscription Gift Card 

It’s not an understatement to say that Twitch is now the world’s authority in gaming content and a legitimate training site in its own right. Anybody who’s anybody in the world of pro-gaming runs their own Twitch stream, and the accessibility of the platform makes it one that’s approachable for gamers of all levels and genres to interact with.  


Considered by many to be a top gift for pro poker players, Twitch subscription gift cards are perfect for any gaming fan, or music and sports lover for that matter. Content creators on the platform rely on subscriptions to generate an income from their work, and as a result, create lots of subscriber-only videos and streams (as well as added extras like live chat). A Twitch gift card will allow the recipient to choose exactly who they want to subscribe to and reward their favourite streamers accordingly.  

Silly Greens Subscription Box 

If you know a budding Vita Sackville West or Alan Titchmarsh, the Silly Greens subscription box is the only gift you should be getting them this year. Perfect for beginners and more experienced growers alike, Silly Greens specialises in microgreens that are easy to grow and care for.  

Starting from £5 per box and with monthly options available, this box is great value for money and the produce is edible too. The microgreens in each box vary from month to month due to their seasonal nature but include delicious variants like broccoli, red cabbage, pak choi, wasabi and even nasturtium. 

Readr Book Subscription Box 

There’s nothing like kicking back with a cup of hot chocolate and an old-fashioned paperback book, even if Kindle addicts think different. If it’s time you reintroduced a friend or loved one to the simple pleasures of reading a book, check out Readr.  

A subscription box for bookworms, no matter how reluctant, the Readr subscription delivers a carefully selected fiction box per month and access to the Readr book club. Prices start at £24 for three months.  

MasterClass.com Digital Subscription 

Within just a few years of its launch, MasterClass has established itself as a go-to platform for anyone seeking expert training from world-class professionals. The online learning platform features classes from the most renowned business people, artists, creators and performers; where else could you learn about authenticity from RuPaul, creativity and filmmaking from David Lynch, or tennis from the GOAT herself, Serena Williams?  

As a premium subscription service, MasterClass is on the higher-end of pricing with annual subscriptions costing £168 (billed monthly). However, this fee gives the viewer access to hundreds of masterclasses as well as an exclusive member’s community