How to Get Your Garden Ready for the Spring

Posted on 31 Jan 2020 by Anna Scott
You’d be forgiven for giving your garden the cold shoulder over winter, because there’s really not much you can do to keep it under control during high winds, rain and freezing temperatures. Even though we’re still officially in the coldest of seasons, we can now start to see spring on the horizon as we wave goodbye to January for another year. And if you want to get your garden looking it’s best when it matters, then it’s never too early to start planning for the year ahead. Even though we’re not quite in prime garden centre shopping season just yet, you can still lots of great deals online to help you along your way, and we especially like the many offers currently available with One Garden


Make a To Do List

You’ll be pleased to hear that the first task doesn’t involve venturing out in the cold. Well, not too much, anyway. Yes, the first thing you need to do is to start making a to do list. This whole post is essentially that very thing, but it helps if you can be a bit more specific when it comes to your own garden. Have a look at your lawn, borders and all the structures and accessories that make up your outdoor space. What needs the most attention? What worked last year and what didn’t? Does anything need repairing or replacing? What sort of state is your shed or greenhouse in? Once you’ve answered all these questions and put together your checklist, you’ll start to have a better idea of what you need to buy, how much it may cost and if there are any particularly big jobs that need doing.


Garden Maintenance

Now, this is going to be the biggest part of preparing your garden for the spring because so many things need to be covered, commented landscaping professional Pol Bishop. But luckily, we’re here to give you a few tips…

A Big Tidy Up – This doesn’t just refer to trimming your borders and raking any stray leaves. As well as mowing the lawn for the first time in ages, this is also an opportunity to get on top of any garden pest situation that may have developed over winter. Check out the state of your borders, move any bulbs that might be better suited elsewhere, and treat your grass to a bit of TLC. And this means not being too rough with the mower and cutting it too short.

When tidying up, also take a look at your shed and greenhouses. Give them a good clean out, chucking away anything you don’t need, re-organising your supplies and tools, and making sure everything is labelled and in its correct place. If you have a garden that’s on the larger side, there’s a good chance your tidying up may involve some heavier lifting. If you find you need a helping hand, or at the very least, a decent wheelbarrow, then our promo codes for One Garden can help with offers on that very thing – heavy duty wheelbarrows that come in a variety of colours and currently have 12% knocked off the original price.


pink wheelbarrow

Storage – And this moves us onto the next point. Do you have enough space for all these things and is it time to upgrade your shed? If this answer to this question is ‘yes’, then it’s a good idea to look into this before spring starts because you don’t want people trampling all over your garden putting it together when everything is just starting to grow again. Our promo codes for One Garden can get you a huge choice on discounted sheds right now, with lots of different budgets covered. We particularly like their excellent Shire Value Overlap Apex Shed 8x6 with Windows (was £289.99, now £247.99).


garden shed

Garden Repairs and Replacements – Now is also the perfect time to take a closer look at all your garden fixtures, fittings and tools. If anything needs replacing completely, then it’s a good idea to get it sorted before you put aside a gardening day and then realise you don’t have the working tools to hand. This is also a great opportunity to mend any fences or gates that are showing a bit of wear and tear. And going back to our earlier point about mowing the lawn, this is also the perfect time of year to check that’s in good working order and replace any blunt blades.


Order Your Summer Bulbs and Seeds

And now for the fun part! Deciding what you are going to plant in your garden once the boring tidying up part is finished. There is lots of online advice available that can help, but if you’re an absolute beginner, the Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) beginner’s planting guide is an excellent resource. Not only will they give you practical tips on exactly how to plant things, but they’ll also tell you the best plants to buy and cultivate based on the type of location you reside in (eg. coastal or built up urban areas) and the type of soil you have in your garden. From there you can find a wide choice of bulbs, seeds and plants online with many deals available here on Promo Codes For.


The Finishing Touches

But these days, designing an outdoor space can be about so much more than just keeping your lawn tidy and picking out a few bedding plants. Serious gardeners often like to plan it out to the finest detail and that includes adding many different finishing touches and decorative accessories. If you want to make a few aesthetic additions without going as far as a full landscaping project, then One Garden currently have lots of garden accessories at a discounted price. As well as some gorgeous top-quality wooden planters that would look wonderful on any patio, they also have a great selection of bird feeders. And not just any old bird feeders. You could actually describe these as stylish – just take their Perky-Pet Squirrel-Be-Gone Green Home Style Bird Feeder (was £44.99, now £39.99 with our promo codes for One Garden). Or if you’ve got a slightly bigger budget, what about one of their arbours of contemporary style wooden panels? They could add a new dimension to your outdoor space as well as a shady spot to relax in. Perfect for when they weather starts to improve, so why not have them ready and waiting?


green bird feeder


Although spending time in the garden might not be the first thing on your mind at this time of year, you can always find some excellent outdoor deals if you know where to look. And what could be better than having your garden prepped for the planting ahead? This gives you all the more time to enjoy it once it’s in full bloom.