Top Tips for Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Posted on 26 Apr 2017 by Anna Scott
There’s no one style of dress that suits everyone, so it’s understandable that the trend for mismatched bridesmaid dresses has taken hold these days. However, giving your friends free reign on what they’re going to wear may be generous but perhaps not the best choice for the wedding photos. Our promo codes for Goddiva currently feature a 12% discount on all full price items including their wide selection of bridesmaid dresses, so if you want your own bridesmaids to look their best but still stick with a loose theme of some description, here are a few ideas for how you can achieve this…


Keep the Same Dress Length

This works on the basis that you’re going with an identical dress colour, and this is one of the more relaxed options – your bridesmaids can choose their most flattering cut or style, but as long as they stick with the same shade and length of dress. To demonstrate here’s two full length pink dresses from Goddiva, the Embellished Maxi Dress (£79 before discount) and the Pleated Maxi Dress with Lace Detail (£56 before discount).




Different Colours but Same Fabric, Cut or Detail

Here your common theme could be satin dresses, lace detail, vintage promo dress cut and so on and so forth. So, taking the last example, here you can go with both the Sweetheart Neckline Sequin Midi Dress (£85 before discount) and the Floral Print Midi Dress (£65 before discount) – both completely different dresses, but still with a common thread that is aesthetically pleasing.



Same Colour but Different Shades

An increasingly popular option and one that can look brilliant if done well. This is also a very useful avenue to go down if you have an overall colour theme you don’t want to veer too far from, but also don’t want to come across as a complete bridezilla. It works best with blues, greens, pinks and yellows and if very nicely demonstrated here by the Sequin and Chiffon Bandeau Evening Maxi Dress in Turquoise (£55 before discount), the Star Embellished Maxi Dress in Royal Blue (£60 before discount) and the Floral Lace Asymmetric Dress in Light Blue (£89 before discount).



Rainbow Bridesmaids

One if you want to add more than a splash of colour to proceedings, but on the downside, there might be a few arguments over who gets what colour. Another alternative in the same ballpark is to go for primary colours, but if opting for the former, there’s the Square Neckline Asymmetric Midi Dress in Red (£60 before discount), the Pleated Midi Dress with Tie Detail in Yellow (£42 before discount) and the Sequin Portrait Neckline Maxi Dress in Emerald (£74 before discount) for starters.


If you plan on getting your bridesmaid dresses made-to-measure, another option you could consider include different prints with the same cut and detail, or give them free reign on style, colour and fabric, but tie them all together with matching shrugs. If you’re going with mismatched bridesmaid dresses, then there really is no limit to your creativity, just remember to be nice and consider the opinions of your bridesmaid too…