The Best Presents for a Pregnant Friend

Posted on 28 Mar 2017 by Anna Scott
There’s one category of mum that might have been forgotten about in our annual rush to buy emergency bouquets and chocolates – those who haven’t actually given birth yet. If you know an expectant mother who shouldn’t have to wait until the big day or for next year’s Mothering Sunday to be showered with gifts, then this might be the opportunity to get her something special. So, to help you on your way we’ve listed some potential presents as well as a few minefields you might want to avoid…


What NOT to Get

There are no hard and fast rules, but seeing as new mums are going to be snowed under with baby-themed gifts a-plenty thanks to baby showers, then we reckon they deserve something for just for them. The forthcoming infant will be spoilt rotten, so don’t give a pregnant person another set of babygros or a mother-and-baby photo album – this is a time to remind them they’re still an individual in their own right because this is something that will get forgotten with great frequency for the next eighteen years or so.


Beauty Treats

It’s the world’s biggest understatement to say that pregnancy can change a body somewhat, and with so many other things to think about, it’s understandable if an expectant mum often puts her own needs on the back burner (and this doesn’t change once the baby arrives either). So gift some beauty treats, and not just ones that claim to get rid of stretchmarks. Think top of the range skincare, anything that will give them an excuse to spend half an hour in the bath, or even just their favourite perfume.


Skincare heart


Gifts for Future Enjoyment

There are a few things pregnant women can’t do because of their ‘condition’, but once the baby arrives, there’s nothing stopping them (babysitter permitting). Yes, many new parents might feel like jumping out of plane on occasion, but if sky-diving is something they’ve shown a positive interest in, why not buy them a gift experience once they can use once they’ve gone through the whole childbirth thing? And it doesn’t have to be just skydiving – driving around a racetrack, zorbing or even going to a cheese tasting so they can get stuck into that unpasteurised Brie with abandon again.


parachute skydiving


Designer Clothing

Ok, so working out the right size might be a bit problematic, but after six or so months of being limited to maternity clothing, an item of chic designer fashion or an accessory will make an excellent gift. And probably one of the few wardrobe items that will be kept away from baby vomit for the foreseeable future.


Knowing someone who’s pregnant doesn’t have to mean you’re limited to buying baby gifts and in fact, it’s best to avoid them if you want to give your friend something they REALLY want, so remind her that life doesn’t end when you have kids. Yes, it’s a new chapter, but mums deserve nice things too.