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We all want to do the best for our pups, and these promo codes for Butternut Box can save you money on a unique, healthy home cooked diet for them. Most of us feed our pets processed food without even thinking about it – it’s convenient and good value, after all. But shouldn’t we give dogs the same healthy nutrition as we give ourselves? This company has come up with a fantastic subscription service that delivers home-cooked meals direct to your door. But this time they’re for your dog, not for you!


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How Do Discount Vouchers for Butternut Box Work?

Their service combines superb quality pet food with excellent value for money. And let’s not forget added convenience too. But how can you make additional savings on top of their already fair prices? By coming to our page first, of course. Here we list all their current promotions, price cuts and extra money off codes so you can get the best deal. You can also use our links to simply visit their site to see what Butternut Box is all about (and you can also find out a bit more about their background in this Metro article). Once you’re on their site, fill in a short questionnaire about your pet dog (their weight, what they currently eat etc) and they’ll come up with a couple of suggested price plans. Here’s some more info about their pricing, other money saving deals and benefits you can find on their site…

How Much Does Butternut Box Cost?

There is no set price for anyone one customer who signs up to their service. What you pay will depend on your dog, so once you provide them with all the requested information, they come up with a quote. As a rough guide, their small dog plans start from the equivalent of £1.60 per day with meal plans for larger dogs obviously costing a bit more.


Do They Offer a Free Trial?

They don’t provide a free trial but as a welcome gift, our promotional codes for Butternut Box give you access to a special half price introductory box. This means you can give it a go at a discounted price to see if it’s something your dog might like.

Can I Change My Plan?

One of the best things about their subscription service is its flexibility. This means you can alter the plan at any time – just login to their site and amend your specifications. Signing up doesn’t mean you’re committing to anything long term either. Feel free to cancel at any time if you change your mind.

What Other Advantages Are There?

As anyone who owns a dog knows, feeding them comes plenty of wasteful packaging. Butternut Box try to cut down on this by using recyclable boxes as well as packaging that can be re-used multiple times. And the fact that the meals are delivered in bulk also means this way of feeding your dog is kinder to the environment too. And that’s not all – they also donate a meal to a homeless shelter dog every time they get a new customer.


Do They Offer Free Delivery?

The price they quote you for your plan includes all delivery charges so there are no hidden shipping costs. When it comes to delivery times, you select a convenient date for you. If you find you don’t need your dog food delivery quite so soon, you can login online to push back your date by 1-2 weeks.


Butternut Box Phone Number and Other Contact Details

To call their team with any questions you might have before using our promotional codes for Butternut Box, please use 0203 936 4888. To write, you have the choice of either filling out this online form or emailing [email protected]. To contact them directly on social media, or just see pics of some happy canine customers, please use the links below:
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To see some glowing reviews of their homemade dog food and service, check out their page on Trustpilot where they have a 95% Excellent rating –

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